Natural Crystal Deo Mist Deodorant

Natural Crystal Deo Mist For All skin type ,Last up to 24 hours, Fragrance free

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Watch this video for everything you need to know about Natural Deodorant and our Deo Mist.

Deodorant එකක් පාවිච්චි කරනන්ම ඕනෙද? ඒකෙන් armpits කළු වෙනවද?

එහෙන්ම් මේ ඔයාට හොඳ solution එකක්  

SACHINI NIPUNSALA explaining the product, its benefits, how it works and how to use

Natural Crystal Deo Mist Chemical FREE Deodorant

It is a product that stays on the skin’s surface and doesn’t interfere with your natural perspiration process. it is a natural way to deal with sweat and odor. 


Potassium Alum (mineral salt) and Water

How to use

  • Clean the effected area
  • Apply when it is slightly damped
  • Wipe excess liquid & keep the for absoption
  • Shake well before use


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