CREME 21 Body Milk - DRY SKIN 

CREME 21 DRY SKIN RICH & INTENSIVE BODY MILK provides intensive skincare, specially for dry skin. Its rich formula - enhanced with natural Almond Oil and Vitamin E - is noticeably gentle on your skin. You will simply love it!
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Creme 21 Body Milk- DRY SKIN 

Rich and intensive with Vitamin E and Almond Oil

Creme 21 Body Milk provides intensive skincare, especially for dry skin. Made in Germany.Its rich formula - enhanced with natural Almond Oil and Vitamin E 


·        Creme 21 Body Milk intensively moisturises, preventing dehydration and leaving your skin wonderfully supple

·        Easy to spread, absorbed quickly and provides the skin with lasting nourishment

·        Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


·        Vitamin E

Fat-soluble Vitamin E and its derivatives offer effective protection from free radicals, which form in the skin due to UV exposure and other factors, and cause irreparable cell damage. Vitamin E leads to the following effects in and on the skin: Improving skin surface relief. Increasing moisture retention capability. Speeding up the epithelialisation of surface wounds, also soothing skin in cosmetics.Increasing enzyme activity in the skin

·        Almond Oil 

 A classic cosmetic oil used since ancient times,almond oil has a high level of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid and linoleic acid) and is produced by cold-pressing almonds. As a valuable skincare ingredient, almond oil restores the skin’s natural oils while providing essential moisture, smoothing the skin and reducing tension to leave skin silky soft.

***Cream gives the deep nourishment your dry skin has been asking for, with the dermatologically tested dove essential body lotion. This lotion contains natural skin nutrients and rich essential oils that provide long-lasting softness Crème 21 for ultra-dry skin protects your skin from dehydration and adds vitamins, with natural almond oil, combined with further rich nourishing emollients it offers protective care especially for the ultra dry skin, in addition, with vitamin E it moisturizes and protects your skin from harmful environment effects , the rich, high quality formulation makes your skin every day touchable and visible soft and supple, it looks naturally healthy and beautiful all the day along. Crème 21 is easily absorbed, without and greasy or sticky feel.

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