Vent Hair Brush

Basicare Vent Hair Brush soft touch rubberized handle with ball ended pins.
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This proffesional hairdressing brush is lightweight and comfortable to use with anti-static properties.The soft touch rubberized surface is designed to help the smooth, ball-ended pins glide right through wet or dry hair without pulling or snags.This vent brush sparse nylon bristles makes it ideal to detangle and straighten, providing maximum control during blow-drying, perfect for shaping thicker, longer hair.

For most hair types, the best time to detangle is right before you get in the shower. Work out any major tangles or knots first so you don’t have to brush your hair afterwards when it’s wet and more vulnerable to breakage.Avoid over-brushing your hair to keep it healthy.

Clean your brush once every 2 weeks to remove product buildup. Mix up a bowl of shampoo and water to create a little bubble bath and let the brush soak in it for 3-4 minutes. Rinse the brush and remove hairs with the tail of a comb.Once you are finished, let your brush dry upside-down on a towel.

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