Styling Eyelashes 1093

LKR 880.00
Basicare Styling Eyelashes set of two artificial eyelashes. They are ready-to-wear ideal for women. It is reusable and made of natural rubber latex
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Basicare Styling Eyelashes No mess, no waiting just touch on the lashes and go a fully lashed look in seconds. Ready to wear are ideal for first time users or for keeping in your handbag for an on the go day to evening change. 

Apply eye make-up before putting on false eyelashes. Grasp lash band with a tweezers and gently peel from storage tray. Check for fit first by applying without adhesive and trim if necessary. To shorten, cut along the outer edge. To Remove Gently peel off false lashes from the outer end of the band. Remove the hardened adhesive from band and place lashes back on storage tray for re-use.

These styling eyelashes are safe for your skin. One precaution to be followed for long-term usability of these lashes is that, they should be kept clean and free from any eye makeup to ensure their long life.


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