Sapphire Nail File Blade Large

Sapphire Nail File Blade (Large ) made with hardened stainless steel, sapphire coating and pointed tip
Categories: Manicure, Pedicure,

Basicare Sapphire Nail File is precision crafted and carefully inspected to help prevent nails from cracking and splitting while its balanced weight is meant for added control.
Made of hardened stainless steel for long lasting results, its sapphire coating is ideal for filing both natural and acrylic nails.One side precisely smooths rough edges and the other side is perfect for shaping while the pointed tip can be used to gently clean under nails.

File your nails when they are dry to ensure smoother edges. Always file in one direction from corner of nail to center. Back and forth filing may cause cracking and splitting.This long lasting sapphire nail file is perfect for shaping nails.

Use bristle brush to remove residue.

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