Nail brush with pumice stone

LKR 1,300.00
Basicare Nail brush with pumice stone Remove dead skin
Categories: Skin,

Nail brush with pumice stone/ Bath Brush The abrasive characters of the stone make this brush a great tool to smooth out callous areas of feet, toes. It gently removes dead skin cells and reveals young healthy skin. Use pumice stone in the shower or moisten the stone prior to use. Rub firmly over callous area in a circular motion to remove dead skin. Germs are often invisible to your naked eyes. It is essential to have a good grooming tool for effective cleaning on your feet. Made of natural bristles for hygienic purpose, the pedicure brush is especially designed to remove dirt and bacteria hide under and around your toenails and feet. It exfoliates and stimulates your feet, leaving your feet fresh and healthy looking.

Rinse the stone and wash the brush with warm water after each use. Hang to dry in an airy place. Do not use the stone if the skin is not wet.


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