Eyeliner & Lipliner Brush Duo Brush

LKR 1,340.00
Basicare Eyeliner & Lipliner Brush Duo Brush Designed for a perfect application of lipliner and eyeliner. More lasting finish and better definition. Made with Nylon Bristles. 2 In 1 Eyeliner & Lipliner Brush
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Eyeliner & Lipliner Brush Duo Brush Create a professionally applied look every time . This brush is especially designed for a perfect application of lipliner and eyeliner .Very versatile on one end, you have an extra fine tipped eyeliner brush, which can deliver a precise Even stroke to line the eyes Ideal for applying eyeliner around sensitive skin of eye area.Other end lipliner brush helps prevent lipstick from cracking or feathering, while giving them fuller and more even look.

Dip the brush into lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain and apply along the contour of your lips.Then, blend the color inward for a complete lip coverage. Dip the brush into the eyeliner and apply a thin line of color from the inner corner to the outer edge of the eyelids, making sure to run the brush as close to the yelash as possible.

It’s important to keep your brushes clean. Gently wash the brush in mild soapy water. Rinse throroughly and pat on dry towel for excess water and allow it to dry naturally.

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