Cornplane + 5 Spare Blades

LKR 1,500.00
Basicare Corn and Callus plane + 5 Spare Blades Remove callus, corn and hard skin head with reversible blade Easy to use.
Categories: Pedicure,

Corn & Callus Plane Hold the plane with blade edge over corn or callus and gently shave the hard skin with a drawing motion. Place blade over the metal tab on blade holder. Grip the side of blade holder firmly with forefinger and thumb and hold handle with other handle. Insert the slider through the slot on metal tab. Push the metal tab up with your thumb. 

To disassemble Grip the side of blade holder firmly with forefinger and thumb. Use thumb on the other hand to push down metal tab on blade holder until slider on handle is completely released from slot on metal tab.

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