Ceramic Pedicure File

LKR 1,500.00
Basicare Pedicure File - Ceramic Stone/Silicone Carbide. Professional Ceramic Pedicure Foot File ,Feet Care ,Callus Remove, Dual Surfaces Removes Calluses and Dry Skin, Leaves skin feeling smoother
Categories: Pedicure,

Ceramic Pedicure File Get a handle on this dual surface Ceramic Pedicure Tool. Its angled handle gives you secure leverage as you buff and smooth calluses and other hard, dry areas of the feet. Feet will be softer. After showering or soaking feet, gently use the Ceramic Pedicure Tool on dry, callused feet.Washable ,Double Side Foot File ,Removes corns and calluses, Larger surface area than file 

High Quality for the removal of calluses and dead, dry skin. Leaves feet soft and smooth. Pedicure, Ceramic Foot File For Beauty Care Tools & Pedicure Tools.

Basicare encompasses the most sought after manicure, pedicure implements and cosmetic tools. Its unique crystal clear reusable package makes basicare a standout a sellout basicare goes beyond product mix and quality with trend setting marketing and packaging each item is crafted finished and inspected to exacting standards, ensuring exceptional quality.



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